Veranstaltung des Fachverbandes

Cultural Management, Materiality and Digitization. English stream at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Association for Cultural Management

Sensual materiality, big data and multiple entanglements: A challenge for cultural management?

January 23-25, 2020

In visual arts, architecture, music, dance and theater, the encounter with materiality has always played a significant role. For some years now matters of direct sensual or materialistic experience have also been gaining momentum in management: Materiality and sensuality have since been increasingly reflected as a pre-conceptual basis of rational thinking and action. Due to the megatrend of digitization and machine intelligence, big data, digital marketing, digital accounting, etc. have permeated management thinking too. Work processes, infrastructures and production conditions are reconfigured fundamentally by these apparently contradictory developments. The digital and the new interest in the sensual, challenge our personal relationships and our working practices. They change daily working practices, artistic practices, the design of cultural offerings, cultural management routines and audience research practices. Eventually these transformations confront us and our understanding of art and culture with very fundamental philosophical questions about the essence of being human.

The conference would like to question these developments in their consequences for cultural management. It aims at bringing together practitioners and theoreticians, empirical research and philosophical reflection. We invite researchers and practitioners from the field of cultural management research, but also beyond, to submit papers, presentations, workshops etc.

Please send your proposal by July 31, 2019 via e-mail to:, und Abstracts should not exceed 400 words. On th acceptance of the contributions will be decided until August 15, 2019.